June Wine 101: Russian (River Valley) Into Summer

June Wine 101: Russian (River Valley) Into Summer

While we love the weird, the wonderfully obscure, and the far flung wines that make our list a lot of fun, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are popular for a reason. Spoiler alert: it’s because they’re delicious.

Our goal with this Wine 101 is to show you the softer side of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma, California. We’ve had the butter bomb Chards and the Pinots that are baby Cabs, but we’re on the hunt for the finer, elegant side of California major-varietal wines.

Come sit and sip with eleven plates & wine owner and certified sommelier Mike Swartz on Saturday, June 11th from 5-7 pm. $25 for 3 courses of small plates perfectly paired with the best of our RRV wine selections.

Make your reservation today at (512) 328-0110 or email us at events@elevenplates.com

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